Raising Readers in Story County

Our Team

2018-19 RRSC Board of Directors

Executive Committee
Shellie Orngard, Ames
Vice President:
Randie Camp, Ames
Kim Herzberg, Nevada
Reno Berg, Ames
Past President: 
Jennifer Dieter, Ames
Board of Directors
Paula Cady, Colo 
Diana Claus, Ames
Lynn Engen, Ames
Dan Franklin, Ames
Jane Halliburton, Ames
Jerri Heid, Ames
Carolyn Jons, Ames
Margie Oldehoeft, Ames 
Sue Seaton, Nevada 
Melissa Skinner, Ames

Lisa Reeves, Interim Executive Director and Family Literacy Coordinator/Educator

Lisa Reeves joined the Raising Reader's team in the summer of 2016.  Lisa holds a Masters of Education degree from the University of Missouri.  She is a reading advocate and has been helping children learn and enjoy reading for the past 18 years. Lisa is responsible for the Harrison Barnes Reading Academy, Reading Buddies and Story Pals programs. 

Lisa can be reached at literacy@raising-readers.org or by calling 515-520-8686. While acting as Interim Executive Director, Lisa can also be reached at director@raising-readers.org


Judy Dahlke, Family Literacy Coordinator/Educator

Judy joined RRSC in September 2015. Prior to her new position, Judy was the volunteer Volunteer Coordinator for RRSC and also served on the Board of Directors. Judy is a retired kindergarten teacher who taught at Fellows Elementary School in Ames for 32 years. Judy focuses on our Thrive by Five programming and parent engagement, the programs at Eastwood, and Transition to Kindergarten summer programming.

Judy can be reached at families@raising-readers.org or by calling 515-520-8686


Autumn Long, Story County Reads Data Specialist

Autumn joined RRSC in August 2017. She has her master’s degree from Minnesota State University, Mankato. Autumn works with a network of partners to ensure all Story County children read and comprehend at or above grade level. Autumn helps document the impact of literacy programs on youth in Story County; focusing on a results-based accountability framework to establish outcome measures to positively impact leading community indicators in the area of education.

Autumn can be reached at autumn@raising-readers.org or by calling 515-291-4726

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