Raising Readers in Story County

2,000 days of Language and Literacy Development

Parents want the best for their children. The early years are a prime time for helping a child learn to form relationships and for building the foundation for future language and literacy proficiency. Raising Readers in Story County is committed to helping adults who interact with young children know how to provide experiences that maximize their child's development in these areas.

Books enrich the lives of babies, toddlers, and preschoolers throughout their critical first five years. Brain development and overall well-being (intellectual, emotional, social, physical development) are enhanced by a stimulating environment that includes caring adults and plenty of good quality books and interesting experiences. Adults can learn how to share books effectively with babies and toddlers in order to make the most of the read-aloud time spent together each day. There are many excellent books available, in cardboard, cloth or fabric versions, which will delight young children and their parents.

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