Raising Readers in Story County

Make Summer Count

Research shows that students lose ground over the summer months. And students from families with low incomes lose, on average, two months or more in reading during the break. For many of these students, they are already behind when they first come to school. Even if they can catch up during the school year, the lack of learning opportunities in the summer makes that gap even wider. What is most alarming is that by the end of 5th grade, these children are nearly three grade equivalents behind more affluent peers in reading.

Reading Buddies

RRSC holds a Summer Reading Buddies program for children who have finished grades K-3. Twice a week, volunteer tutors meet with their students at sites throughout Ames. Multiple sites allows the program to reach students who live in various parts of the community who might not otherwise be able to attend tutoring sessions due to transportation issues.

Summer Programs

Summer is also a time when families have a harder time making their budgets work because their food costs increase so dramatically. To make matters worse, the food that is available to them for quick and easy preparation may not be the healthiest choice in most cases.  Together, with other community partners including the United Way of Story County, the Boys and Girls Club of Story County, the Ames and Nevada Public Libraries, and YSS, RRSC serves as a planning partner for overall Summer Enrichment programs in Ames and Nevada. 

Enrichment activities include learning opportunities in the areas of science, technology, reading, engineering, math and arts. Both programs rely heavily on volunteers to provide meals and learning experiences.

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