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Step Into Storybooks

Parents are children’s first teachers. This annual event provides fun literacy-rich experiences to inspire families to use reading and related activities at home with their babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. These early relationships and experiences influence children’s brain development. Children who lack this nurturing fall short of their potential, enter school behind their peers, and are likely to fall further behind in successive years. Ames’ Step Into Storybooks is held at the Ames Public Library and Eastern Story County’s Step Into Storybooks is held at Central Elementary School in Nevada.

2018 Locations and Dates

Eastern Story County Step Into Storybooks: Saturday, March 3, Central Elementary School

Step Into Storybooks: Saturday, April 14, Ames Public Library

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School Districts Served: Ames, Nevada, Gilbert, Colo-NESCO, Collins-Maxwell, Ballard

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