Raising Readers in Story County


RRSC created this program to provide additional reading experiences to children ages 3-5, especially those who have limited access to books and reading at home. Volunteers are recruited and trained to use the shared reading technique called dialogic reading. RRSC creates kits containing books, prompts, and instructions. Volunteers are matched with children and they meet once a week during the school day.

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School Districts Served: Ames (Northwood Preschool), Nevada (Central Elementary Preschool), and Colo-NESCO.

StoryPals Information for Volunteers

StoryPals volunteers receive the following information during their training. Please contact RRSC at literacy@raising-readers.org for more information or to answer any questions you have about the StoryPals programs in Story County.

Guidelines for Dialogic Reading in Small Groups

The Dialogic Reading Method

This video was taken at Central Elementary School in December 2015. StoryPals volunteer Marytha Pitt uses dialogic reading techniques to read 'The Wolf's Chicken Stew' by Keiko Kasza

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