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Super K Transition to Kindergarten

All children entering Kindergarten each fall are eligible to participate in this free, 8-day program, but Super K is especially designed for those children who are feeling some anxiety about starting school and just need a little more preparation.

This program is supported in part through ASSET. Sponsorship of this program is available. More information

Super K will expose students to many of the routines, activities, materials, and skills that they will experience in Kindergarten. Students will work to become super friends, super listeners, super organizers, and super problem solvers as they become familiar with the backpack routine, lunch tray procedures, opening milk cartons, and saying “goodbye” to families at the door. Each student will receive a free backpack, school supplies, and daily snacks. 

The class enrollment will be 15 students or less and 2-3 adults (including a head-teacher) will be in the class to offer guidance and support, as the children become super ready for kindergarten.


For questions or more information, please email head teacher Judy Dahlke (families@raising-readers.org) or call the RRSC office at 515-520-8686.

Let’s make sure all our young super heroes are super ready for Kindergarten!

2018 Dates and Locations (2019 sites will be announced in February 2019):

June 11-21 - Meeker Elementary School, 300 20th Street, Ames

July 9-19 - Meeker Elementary School, 300 20th Street, Ames 

July 9-19 - Central Elementary School, 910 10th St, Nevada 


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