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Volunteer Tutor Registration - 2019 Summer Reading Buddies

The 2019 Harrison Barnes Reading Academy Summer Reading Buddies program starts the week of June 10th and runs through July 25th. There are no sessions the week of July 1st. Volunteers are more than welcome to sign up for more than one session. Sites are in Ames, Nevada, and Huxley.

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Site Sign Up
Ames Sites
Bethesda Lutheran Church, Tuesday and Thursday :
 1517 Northwestern Ave, Ames

Boys & Girls Club, Tuesday and Thursday:
 210 S 5th St, Ames

First United Methodist Church, Monday and Wednesday:
 516 Kellogg Ave., Ames

Trinity Christian Reformed Church, Tuesday and Thursday:
 3626 Ontario St, Ames

ACPC School Age Kids, Tuesday and Thursday:
 920 Carroll Ave., Ames

Ames Public Library, Monday and Wednesday:
 515 Douglas Ave, Ames

Nevada Sites
First United Methodist Church, Monday and Wednesday:
 1036 7th St, Nevada
Story County Medical Center, Monday and Wednesday:
 640 South 19th Street, Nevada

Huxley Sites
Huxley Public Library, Monday and Wednesday:

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Thank you for applying to be a volunteer tutor. You will have a profound impact in the lives of Story County children!

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