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Talk more with your baby.  Join STARS today!


STARS from LENA Home is a free program for parents that uses one on one classes to help caregivers of young children to increase interactive talk. Over 10 weekly sessions, parents receive feedback on how much they’re talking, combined with instruction on techniques for talking and reading more, delivered in a supportive environment.

STARS includes a parent workbook, new board books to read with your child, and the LENA technology. In addition, there are other incentives that you’ll learn more about during the sessions.

STARS sessions take place virtually and we offer convenient daytime or evening half-hour sessions.  These individualized meetings allow for flexibility in scheduling and creating sessions that are fit just for you! 

If this sounds interesting to you give us a call at 515-520-8686 or complete our registration form. 
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Upcoming Small Talk Program at Nevada Public Library - Friday, September 8th from 10:30 to 11:30 am

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