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May 2017 Volunteer Spotlight

Volunteer Spotlight!

Lyn Watson and Jeanne Roth


Lyn Watson and Jeanne Roth have been volunteering for RRSC together for several years and they love volunteering as a team and working with our younger kiddos in our preschool programs. They are currently volunteering with our ACPC Reading Buddies program and show up every Tuesday and Thursday morning with smiles on their faces. Lyn had a day care for many years and that is how she met Jeanne Roth… over 20 years ago!  She took care of two of Jeanne’s children and they kept in touch.  “We meet with other mothers of “my kids” once a month.  It is such fun to keep in touch and hear about the kids –some now mothers with kids of their own.”  

Jeanne introduced Lyn to RRSC and asked her to volunteer together. Jeanne knew Lyn read a lot to her day care kids. Lyn decided to volunteer because of her love of children- “They are so unpredictable and such a joy to be around.  They keep me young!” 

Both Lyn and Jeanne have lived in Ames for over forty years. Jeanne taught English, ESL classes, and GED students at DMACC in Boone. She’s married and has 3 grown children. Lyn and her husband of 57 years have four grown children and two grandsons.


Volunteering is their passion and they both volunteer outside of their time at RRSC. Lyn volunteered at Fellows Elementary listening to children read for three years and volunteered at Mary Greeley Medical Center for many years. She is also very involved with Shared Blessings at her church. Jeanne volunteers at the Ames Public Library.

They both shared that they volunteer because they love children, working with children, and reading to children. Lyn shared, “My favorite thing at ACPC is being with the young kids.  I feel it keeps me active and at my age, I need that!” Jeanne agrees, “Being with children.  Since my children and grandchildren all have left Iowa, seeing these children and watching them grow has helped fill a gap in my life...  Also, I LOVE 4 and 5-year-olds.”

They were both asked what they would say to someone interested in volunteering for RRSC.

Lyn: I would encourage anyone who loves children and want to try to make a difference in their young lives to volunteer.  I love to read myself and enjoy sharing my love of it with others. 

Jeanne: Do it.  It's great fun!

Lyn also shared, “Volunteering at ACPC and Raising Readers is great.  The teachers are very helpful and are willing to guide us and suggest things that will work with the different students.  Judy Dahlke is super!   She has so many books and always has them ready for the different seasons, holidays and special events. It also has been interesting to work with Sam and hear about his studies at ISU, interviews for a future job etc. The other volunteer, Dan, is always very willing to help and his love of kids is very apparent.  So, along with Jeanne and the young ones, these are wonderful people to work with”.  Jeanne followed up with, “It's a wonderful program that helps give children a skill they will need all their lives”. Thank you ladies!

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