Raising Readers in Story County

October 2016 Volunteer Spotlight

 Sue Seaton


“I know when one volunteers for RRSC they will be drawn to become more involved within the organization and their community. If you want to see your service make a difference in the lives of children and their families, Raising Readers in Story County is the place to share your time and talents”

Board Past President Sue Seaton jumped at the chance to be the new volunteer Volunteer Coordinator for RRSC.  She first got involved with RRSC as a volunteer, soon after she retired from teaching in Nevada. “The first summer after my retirement as a Nevada elementary teacher, Judy Dahlke sent me an invitation to an RRSC volunteer event… I was so confused about the different programs. I had to learn more. I knew I wanted to become a part of something that believed in what I did about educating children and their families, and make a difference in their lives in the future”. Sue first volunteered with the Reading Corners team, working with former board member Connie Dunham, who immediately included her in the visits to the city and county Reading Corner sites. “We had a grand time which included planning our route around having lunch together. She truly introduced to me what RRSC was about, but even more important, showed me how well respected RRSC was in Ames and in the county.”

Sue was asked to be on the RRSC board four years ago and she was excited to join due to her desire for RRSC to expand out into Story County, “plus I had a passion for the ‘littles’ in Nevada”. When asked what her most meaningful volunteer experience was, Sue couldn’t name just one. She’s proud that she was instrumental in bringing our StoryPals program to Central Elementary School preschoolers in Nevada as well as creating an Eastern Story County Step Into Storybooks event for families in Nevada, Colo, and other eastern Story County communities. Sue was also honored when she was asked to serve as President of the board following co-founder Carol Elbert’s term of service as president.

This summer, an opportunity came up for a new volunteer Volunteer Coordinator. Sue was excited to take on a new role after her tenure as board president ended. “Being a volunteer myself I knew what I liked when there was something that needed to be done. Volunteers like to know what's going on, so following Judy Dahlke's example, I will make sure they do”.

Upcoming volunteer opportunities will include labeling! You may be hearing from Sue soon.

To sign up to volunteer, please contact Sue at volunteers@raising-readers.org. You can also sign up to volunteer through our website

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