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Talk more with your baby.  Join Small Talk today!


Small Talk, a LENA Start program, is a free 10-week program designed to increase how much you talk with your baby.  Parents have the power, and when we talk with our babies it is the most impactful way to set your baby up for success both now and later in life. Interactive talk is crucial for baby’s brain development, and through Small Talk, you’ll develop strategies to increase how much you talk with your baby and build up their language environment. Parents can see their progress from week to week and feel their confidence soar as they know they are making a difference in their child’s life! Raising Readers will provide all LENA materials and technology for free, along with a new book, of your choice, for you to read with your child each week!

Small Talk is open to all Story county residents with children between the ages of 2 - 30 months old. 

We offer childcare services and provide snacks during our in-person group sessions. Additionally, every family is invited to partake in the graduation ceremony, celebrating the incredible achievements made during the program.

Are you interested in learning about more Small Talk opportunities for your group or organization? Email smalltalk@raising-readers.org or check out our Spring Small Talk Flyer. Small Talk classes can come to your location and meet with your families. 

If this sounds interesting to you give us a call at 515-520-8686 or complete our registration form. 
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