Raising Readers in Story County

Libraries in your Community

Your local public library is your greatest resource for fantastic children's books! Story County is lucky to have several community public libraries so that no matter where you live, one is within reach. 

Ames Public Library: 515 Douglas Avenue, Ames

Bertha Bartlett Public Library: 503 Broad Street, Story City

Cambridge Memorial Library: 224 Water Street, Cambridge

Collins Public Library: 212 Main Street, Collins

Colo Public Library: 309 Main Street, Colo

Huxley Public Library: 515 N. Main Avenue, Huxley

Maxwell Public Library: 107 Main Street, Maxwell 

Nevada Public Library: 631 K Avenue, Nevada 

Roland Public Library: 221 N Main Street, Roland

Slater Public Library: 105 N. Tama Street, Slater 

Zearing Public Library: 101 E. Main Street, Zearing

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