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365 Amazing Days

There is an unmatched window of opportunity in the first 365 days to maximize your baby’s development. Healthy loving stimulation can help your infant to add 1 million or more neural connections each second! This builds strong brain circuits that will serve them for life.

Babies develop vision, hearing, language, and thinking in a predictable order, but each baby is also unique and progresses on their own timeline. 

Image Source: https://developingchild.harvard.edu/resources/inbrief-science-of-ecd/

365 Amazing Days Resources  


If your baby is not yet born, you might start by viewing these eight short videos:

  • The first three videos under Hello Baby!

  • The first five videos under Reach Out and Read.

Hello Baby!

  1. Video: Experiences Build Brain Architecture

  2. Video: Serve and return between babies and adults

  3. Video: Learn how to boost your baby’s brain

  4. Developmental Milestones Chart, Reach Out and Read (English & Spanish)

  5. 0--12 months Ages & Stages, ISU Extension (English)

  6. 0--12 months Ages & Stages, ISU Extension (Spanish)

Reach Out and Read

  1. Video: Reach Out and Read Overview

  2. Video: Newborn

  3. Video: Child Development Rates Differ

  4. Video: Parents and Caregivers are Essential

  5. Video: Two Months Visit

  6. Video: Four Months Visit

  7. Video: Six Months Visit

  8. Video: Nine Months Visit

  9. Video: One Year Visit

Small Talk LENA Start

  1. Register for Small Talk

  2. Video: Serve and Return 5 Steps, Harvard

  3. Video: Harvard Build Brains Through Play


  1. Developmentally appropriate books for baby’s first year

  2. Culturally appropriate books for baby’s first year

  3. Tips for sharing books in baby’s first year

  4. Library card information


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