Raising Readers in Story County


Raising Readers in Story County is successful because of our dedicated volunteers who contribute their time, talents, and resources to help achieve our mission of increasing early language and literacy in young children. Raising Readers provides training and support for volunteers and offers a variety of opportunities including one-time events and short and long-term time commitments. Explore a volunteer opportunity with Raising Readers today! Please fill out a volunteer application or contact us. 

As a volunteer for the Raising Readers program, I found the experience very empowering. I had not volunteered for many student oriented programs before, so naturally I was a bit nervous that I had what it would take to add value to these students and the program. There is a great administrative support team available for the volunteers anytime you have questions and this really helped my confidence and gave me piece of mind that I was contributing to this student's future and ease of reading.    

It was amazing to see the student grow and socially interact while enjoying the reading program.  I was assigned to a student that I felt was very advanced for his age.  At first, I was concerned that I may not be able to challenge the student, but the structure of the program is such that it accommodates any level of reader and volunteer experience.  I was thankful for the daily schedules and routine of the program but also enjoyed the freedom to be able to mold the topics to the student’s interests.  These are just a few reasons I think the program is a great success for any student that enrolls.     

- Crystal Johnson, Summer 2017 Reading Buddies Volunteer 


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