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How do you actually 'read' to a baby?

Your baby already loves the sound of your voice. When you read aloud as you hold a book so that your baby can see it, you are teaching your baby to associate the pleasure of being held and hearing your voice with the pleasure of books. In the first few months, an infant is likely to be attracted to pictures with high contrast, bold lines, and shapes. Try reading poetry, nursery rhymes, or stories in rhyme because the baby will enjoy the rhythm of the language. Reading sessions with a baby may be very short. Let the baby cue you as to what she wants. If she's restless, you may want to put the book aside and try again later. When the baby wants to put the book in his mouth, try giving him a teething toy while you hold the book. It isn't necessary to read a whole story at a sitting, or to read every word. You may want to simply point to the pictures and talk about them. Try making animal sound effects with a story about animals.

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